Shooting Star is a third-party song produced by TeddyLoid and sung by the Vocaloid IA. It is the first opening song used for the animated series.


Ah 遠い宇宙(そら)に ずっと続く道

まばたくように 闇を照らす 白い光

行き先なら 教えてあげるよ

未来の鍵 握りしめて 旅立とう

(Ah 思いっきり泣いた夜)

過去に good bye


もう戻らない 手と手をつないで

走れ 走れ 走れ ずっと

One Life この瞬間を

One Chance つかみ取ろうよ

ひとつひとつの輝きを かき集めよう

Oh-Oh- どこまでも行けるよ

Oh-Oh- どこまでも輝くよ

Ah tooi sora ni zutto tsuzuku michi

mabataku youni yami o terasu shiroi hikari

yukisaki nara oshiete ageru yo

mirai no kagi nigirishimete tabidatou

(Ah omoikkiri naita yoru)

kako ni good bye

(kimitachi ga ita kara sa)

mou modoranai te to te o tsunaide

hashire hashire hashire zutto

One Life kono shunkan o

One Chance tsukamitorou yo

hitotsu hitotsu no kagayaki o kakiatsumeyou

Oh-Oh- doko made mo yukeru yo

Oh-Oh- doko made mo kagayaku yo

Ah, on into the cosmos, we continue on this road

Twinkling in the sky, illuminating the dark, is that beam of white light

Where does it lead to? You want to know, so I’ll tell you

The future, through this key that you hold so tightly, is where we go to

(All those nights, I’ve cried my heart out)

Tell the past goodbye

(Because you’re all here with me, now)

No turning back, now

Take my hand, and I’ll take yours

We will run, we will run, we will run always

One life, let’s seize every moment

One chance, take advantage of it

Let’s gather as one, joining the fragments of that radiance

Oh, oh, we can go anywhere that we want

Oh, oh, shine like the stars everywhere we want

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