Heirloom Star - Lepus
Book 1
Volume Number1
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Release DateTBD
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Heirloom Star - Lepus is the first volume of the Heirloom Star novel by Elle Baston, now currently being written.



A secret known by few. A place we never knew existed outside of fairy tales.


A world hundreds of lightyears away. A planet built by the mighty and loving hands of two radiant goddesses.


A planet in peril.

Seventeen years ago, a traitorous faction rose to power, suffocating Lampetia with a reign of fear. Civil war erupted between these terrors and those who had the power and resources to fight them. Only after one short year prior did a champion of justice emerge, called to this foreign world from another, putting an end to this anarchy.

But not permanently.

Now, evil forces that have long slumbered are slowly awakening, eager to finish what they started. And Earth has become a new planet for them to conquer.

They're after us. And the future is not set.

This responsibility to protect these planets has been set upon our shoulders. Upon mine, too.

Nobody is certain of Lampetia or Earth's fates. Nobody understands how kids like us can save these two planets from being consumed by malice. But I believe a difference can be made.

I believe I can make that difference.

And together, we can save the world.

— Volume 1 blurb.


Note: the chapters in the print release are left unnamed. This book is currently being written and more chapters will be added as they are completed.

Chapter Chapter Name
Prologue Into Starlight
Chapter 1 An Unresponsive Omen
Chapter 2 Hidden Heroes
Chapter 3 Kindred Stars