The Cirque du Peur (恐怖のサーク Kyofu no Saku, from French; Circus of Fear) is the main villain group in Heirloom Star, who use the powers granted to them to spread fear and manipulate others based on their own fears and prejudices.


Members of the Cirque du Peur are chosen by Corona Austrina to serve on her behalf and instill fear into the hearts and minds of Lampetians and Earthlings alike; due to the amount of power between the members being boosted if teammates are from the same constellation family, the faction is composed of (but not limited to) constellations under the La Caille constellation family. Although they can use the abilities they were inately created with as constellations, the powers they draw on are derived from water found in the Gargoyle Caverns, which is drunk by each member upon entering as an initiation rite and proof of their fidelity. As an ode to this, the members themselves identify themselves with the term "gargoyle". The members all conform to a circus motif and their parts in the group are parallel to the different roles circus performers have.